303 New York police cars damaged since Floyd death, costing $1M

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303 New York police cars damaged since Floyd death, costing $1M

According to the New York City police  303 department vehicles have been vandalized since the death of George Floyd. The station claims the cost to replace the vehicles are over 1 million dollars.

ABC news reported that 14 vehicles were a total loss because of fire damage, seven are still being repaired and the rest have returned to service.

Several people have been arrested  for allegedly hurling Molotov cocktails at police vehicles in Brooklyn. Those cases are still pending in federal court.

Another incident occurred on Saturday night in Manhattan, a man was captured on video using a protest sign to bash the window of a parked police van while another man sprayed graffiti onto an adjacent police van.

Neither of these recent incidents had police officers in the vehicles at the time of damage, and no physical injury claims.

During the mass protest damages have occurred across the nation. Injuries have come from Police brutality and angry protest.

However, ABC reported that the demonstrations sparked by the police killing of Floyd in Minneapolis and other instances of police misconduct have largely been peaceful — but there have been flare-ups.

Last week, police in riot gear cleared a month-long encampment in front of New York’s City Hall, days after the NYPD’s top chief and several other officers were hurt as anti-police and pro-police protesters clashed on the Brooklyn Bridge.

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