All Birthdays Matter Trending On Twitter For Donald Trumps Birthday

Donald Trumps Birthday

All Birthdays Matter Trending On Twitter For Donald Trumps Birthday

Donald Trumps birthday is today and twitter will not relax. The social site has been overwhelmed with #allbirthdaysmatter hashtags. Trump turned 74 years old on Sunday.

While there were plenty of hashtags in full support of Trump from his fans and followers, there were just as many taking jabs at the president in one way or another.

In what is likely an effort to goad Trump, who has criticized him constantly, former President Barack Obama was the subject of many of the various barbs slung Trump’s way through the social media platform, including trending topics for “REAL President” and “Best President Ever.”

Socialites dominantly filled Twitter with recognition of Obama Day as Happy Birthday Trump came in second place. The hashtag war began Saturday night in anticipation for Trumps birthday, starting with the All birthdays matter hashtag that continued into Sunday until it was dominated with Obama day.
The term All birthdays matter is a take from the black Lives Matter movement. The black lives matter hashtag is used to point out in the balance of injustice that America has when it comes to the handling of black lives. Because of this many find the all birthdays matter offensive and that it demonstrates just how clueless many Americans still are with the importance of justice and fighting against police brutality.
It is just like saying Happy Birthday to someone, and someone else interrupting and asking if their birthday is happy too. Truth is, it is, but it’s just not your birthday. The Black Lives Matter is an attempt to focus on the topic at hand and not to diminish anyone but to equalize all.
Maybe with the interruption of Donald Trumps birthday some of the clueless will finally understand.

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