Barack Obama and Joe Biden campaign trail For Biden fundraiser

Barack Obama and Joe Biden campaign trail For Biden fundraiser

Barack Obama is back to campaigning with Joe Biden fundraiser. According to Dan Pfeiffer, former White House communications director, there are two groups of voters that Biden needs to move. He stated “You have the 4 million Obama 2012 voters that sat out in ’16, Obama obviously has cache with them. And you have to persuade some number of voters who voted for Barack Obama in 2012 and either Trump or a third party candidate in 2016, and Obama obviously is very, very high-performing with those as well.”

Joe Biden has received  endorsement from former president Barack Obama that was captured in a video message in April, but kept an otherwise low profile throughout the primary and largely avoided wading into national politics. However, Barack Obama is making it public now. He recently speak out on the policing and the civil unrest that followed the police killing of George Floyd in Minneapolis.

Some Democrats say that, in the wake of Floyd’s killing, Obama’s voice as an advocate for Biden and a leader for the party is needed.

“Biden doesn’t have the strongest record on criminal justice reform so having Obama there is helpful in reinforcing that issue,” said Ben Tulchin, who polled for progressive Vermont Sen. Bernie Sanders’ presidential campaign.

“Given what’s going on with criminal justice reform and Black Lives Matter, having the first African American president out there publicly backing Biden is extremely helpful.”

Although, Obama has a strong voice with the criminal justice reform, speculations are that  Trump’s campaign will use Obama’s favorite political attacks against him. Those attacks referring to charges  Obama administration’s policies undermining the American middle class and U.S. interests abroad.

 Ali Pardo, Trump campaign deputy communications director is attempting to enforce that idea that Obama and Biden “put ‘kids in cages’ and failed to stop China from ripping off Americans while overseeing the worst economic recovery since the Great Depression and stagnant wage growth for American workers.”

Trump has been ridiculing Obama since the beginning of his presidency and is resurfacing his antics with unfounded conspiracy theories about Obama, hoping to taint Biden by association.

According to Democrats Barack Obama is not shaken by Trump. Democrats say Obama is eager to take Trump on to defend his legacy in a debate over whose policies have better benefited Americans.

“Trump’s election just devastated the country and Obama’s legacy,” Tulchin said. “Beating Trump is important for his legacy and important for the country.”

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