Beirut explosion Leaves Devastation and Casualties Expected

Beirut Explosion

Beirut explosion Leaves Devastation and Casualties Expected

Beirut explosion leaves many devastated and casualties expected. Beirut is the capital of Lebanon. On Tuesday civilians were rocked by a massive explosion, with footage from the ground showing significant damage and plumes of smoke rising above the city.

According to MSN, Two explosions occurred in Beirut’s port, potentially injuring dozens, according to the AFP. Firefighters were seen battling flames at the scene of the blast. It is not yet known what caused the explosions.

The Lebanese Health Ministerย reportedly saidย there were a “very high number of injuries.”

The video of the Beirut explosion was posted on social media by Ghada Alsharif, a reporter from the Daily Star, one of Lebanon’s most prominent news outlets. There is no known cause of the explosion determining rather it ws an attack or not.

The Lebanese Red Cross have dispatched 30 teams to the scene and areย making an urgent call for blood donations.

Other eyewitnesses said there are multiple fires still burning and that windows of apartment buildings were shattered in a large radius around the blast site. Video from the ground in Beirut shows cars crushed by rubble, injured people walking through debris and extensive damage to nearby buildings.

Hospitals in Beirut are already overwhelmed and have been turning the injured away, with some of the injured now driving to Tripoli, 50 miles north, to receive treatment. The blast itself was heard up to 25 miles south of the city, and the streets in Beirut are paved with glass.

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One Beirut influencer account posted the details on Instagram describing the feeling of the explosion saying, ” The explosion shattered our home. It felt like the air was sucked out of the apartment. Not sure if it was a deliberate attack on Beirut or an accident. It was devastating.”

Crowd funding has been set up for Beirut at https://www.justgiving.com/crowdfunding/lebanon-relief?utm_term=PYp7gXzyD

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