Beyonce Gave Chloe X Halle No Notes They Told Kelly

Chloe-Halle-Bailey at the MTV Awards

Beyonce Gave Chloe X Halle No Notes They Told Kelly

Chloe X Halle went on the Kelly Clarkson Show to talk about their new album “Ungodly Hour”. They talked about how they used the album to push the message and honor George Floyd, who was murdered by police during an arrest.

They sisters told Kelly the first coupe of weeks they were very saddened by the news of George Floyd. “I feel like collectively, in our community of black brothers and sisters, it’s like the collective feeling of just trauma when something like that happens,” Halle said. “We are just trying to do everything we can to lift each other up with our voices, and demand what’s right. I mean our color of our skin should not be a death sentence. People deserve to live a beautiful and long life just like everyone else.”

Halle also spoke out on her role as Ariel in the live action “Little Mermaid”. ” I’m just excited for everyone to see the kind of upgrade, but also still very close to home as the original. The original was my favorite when I was little as well. I think everybody really connects with Ariel in a way, and resonates with the feeling of really wanting to be somewhere and fell like home is another place. So w are really excited for it. I feel honored to take on that role and show other black girls that they can be princesses too.”

Talking about the album the sisters stated when they played it for Beyonce she had no notes. The Chloe X Halle are signed to Tidal. “On our prior project there would be more notes. She is an amazing perfectionist and we love that and admire that about her. When we presented this album to her it was very little and like minor things. We were like wow she must really like it. We were very happy about that.”

Chloe x Halle released the album on June 12th, 2020. Their hit single “Forgive Me” trended in the top 20 the very first day on Youtube. The song now has over 6.1 million views and is still standing strong.


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