Blac Chyna Shows Off Car and Crib After Homeless Accusations

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Blac Chyna Shows Off Car and Crib After Homeless Accusations

Blac Chyna says she isn’t checking for nobody after an episode of Wendy Williams splurred her  business to the streets about being homeless.

Wendy Williams and Blac Chyna had become close friends, but like any of Wendy’s friends Blac Chyna was not excluded from having her business airing oon hot topics.

According to Wendy Williams, Chyna was looking for a condo, claiming that she had no place to live. She sent Wendy the details through a text message.

On the show Wendy said, “It was like random. like maybe she sent a blast to everybody that she knows. It didn’t say Dear Wendy. Like maybe she sent it to everybody that she knows. I didn’t answer it, I didn’t want to be involved.”

Blac Chyna wasted no time after the episode aired, to show off her cars and crib withher new song “Cash” featuring Trippie Redd.

What we do know is Chyna has a lot of business names under her belt, and before she was a household name sis was making sure she made cash, even if it was in the club.

Blac Chyna runs her own Lash cmpany which she has had for years. She also charges on her only fans acount. In addition to that she has her own merch.

Needless to say, Chyna has dubbed herself as the queen of hustling. How can she be homeless?

And Furthermore, is this what friendship looks like? Whew messy.


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