Blue Ivy’s Stylist Manuel Mendez Is an Immigrant – Equality Celebrity News

Manuel Mendez

Blue Ivy’s Stylist Manuel Mendez Is an Immigrant – Equality Celebrity News

Blue Ivy’s stylist Manuel Mendez is an immigrant who got an opportunity at an unexpected time.

Manuael Mendez is from the Dominican Republic.

His grandmother Maria headed towards Puerto Rico in a type of makeshift boat known as “yola,” continuing her journey to the U.S. mainland to find new economic opportunities and employment.

His mother Quisqueya Mendez was his cheerleader in his career. Instead of forcing Manuel Mendez into a career that most would deem as equitable, she encouraged him to always be happy and live within his own skin.


Together, they built a solid foundation using love as the primary material and raised a hard-working and humble man.

Manuel Mendez discovered his passion for fashion as a child while watching telenovelas.

He took his passion seriously and sought help from his mother and FIT in New York.

In 2009 Manuel Mendez was informed by Ty Hunter, who is Beyonce’s stylist, that Tina Lawson was hiring a wardrobe assistant for the “I Am” world tour.

I was a little bit scared at the beginning,” said Mendez. I prayed to God, I spoke with my mom and my store manager. They all encouraged me to do it, so I accepted the offer.”

“I will never forget the night walking into a small dinner in New York with close friends and Miss Tina asked me ‘Are you ready to travel the world?. I didn’t hesitate to say yes, God had answered one of my prayers, when I least expected it.”

Working with Blue was a very organic and beautiful transition,” he stated. After the tour ended, I occasionally assisted Beyoncé‘s cousin and mom in other projects. I was so comfortable working with this amazing family that later I started to organize Beyoncé‘s closet,” he revealed. Mendez’s background in visual merchandising and retail management skills helped him to stand out. I did it with so much love and passion that I became her [Beyoncé‘s] personal assistant,” he added. Years later, when Blue arrived to this world, I wanted to make sure to take care of both; Therefore I took the initiative of starting to buy her baby clothes like if she was my niece.”

It has been over 10 years that because of two brave women and equality Mendez has been giving us style after style for Blue Ivy.


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