Cardi B’s Real Hair Is Long And Beautiful – Fashion News

Cardi B's Real hair screenshot

Cardi B’s Real Hair Is Long And Beautiful – Fashion News

Cardi B’s real hair was on display recently as she took to her Instagram to post a picture of how wigs can save a girls mane. Over the years Cardi has been showing small snippets of her hair journey and she noted on her page to trust the hair process.

In the earlier days of her career Cardi was seen often with her real hair showing. Her hair has always been full and thick, but the length in the beginning was a little past her shoulders. Now Her locks are past the middle of her back.

In her recent Instagram video, she shows her hair blow dryed but not flat ironed.

” This is really how my hair is. My hair gets like this when you blow dry it then two days later it just gets puffed up like that. Even when you braid it, this is my hair texture. My hair is not curly, my daughter hair is curly, she got curls or little coils too. But my Sh*t just don’t get curly at all.”

Cardi then posted a quick video of her hair covered in a hair mask, with a caption “Trust the hair process.”

Cardi B’s real hair with the mask was twisted in a bun. Once she took it down while wet her hair was long, thick and wavy.

She later posted a photo of her hair blow dried and flat ironed, with the caption,

“The end results of all that shit I put on my hair earlierπŸ˜©πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚.Treat your hair ladies …and don’t let a nikka tell you shit bout wearing wigs😀It helps with hair growth ALOT !”

Are wigs and mask protecting your hair? Leave us a comment on some of your hair protection routines.

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