Chrissy Teigen Clap Back Crown May Be Handed Over

Chrissy Teigen Clap Back

Chrissy Teigen Clap Back Crown May Be Handed Over

Chrissy Teigen clap back crown may be handed over easily. Teigen may not be so active on the clap backs according to one of her latest interviews.

In a Nov. 24 interview with People, Teigen revealed that she would continuously read what people said about her online during her difficult pregnancy and eventual miscarriage earlier this year.

“I read everything. There was a lot of hurt and pain during the pregnancy just because of online stress or feeling beaten down,” she said. “Then I realized what I was saying to other people—which was ‘You just really have no idea what’s going on’—I can apply it to my own life now.”

That lesson taught Teigen to reexamine how she approached other people online, even not-so-nice people. “I love to clap back, as they say. I love to get someone back for saying something nasty to me, but I think through this I’ve gained a point of empathy where I can actually understand that [people] might have some s*** going on themselves,” she told People. “I think it’s never a bad thing to learn to be a better, kinder person.” chrissy teigen clap back

Teigen said it was the love and support she and her husband John Legend received from fans on the internet after revealing the loss of their son Jack that made her see what was really important.

“It’s just been an incredible experience to see the outpouring of love from the internet and the handwritten cards we’ve gotten. We couldn’t even walk through our house for a week—there were just too many flowers. You do see beauty through the darkest clouds,” she said.

Legend credits all the love from strangers to his wife’s courage. “I think part of what attracted all that love and outpouring of support for Chrissy was her having the courage to share her story with people and our story with people,” he said. “Not a lot of people have had the wherewithal and the courage to do that. So many other families feel connected to us in a different way than they have before, and I think it was really powerful for her to do that.”

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