Couple Gets Pregnant By 24 Year Old Embryo Donation

24 year old embryo adaption

Couple Gets Pregnant By 24 Year Old Embryo Donation

If you thought sperm and egg mixture creating an embryo in the 90’s were expired, the Gibson family proves that it isn’t.

The couple used a process called embryo-adoption, which allows hopeful parents to receive donated embryos, they told NBC News on Wednesday.

Molly is the couple’s second successful embryo adoption with the National Embryo Donation Center; daughter Emma was born in 2017 from a 24-year-old embryo.

Though it’s not the path she expected when seeking to start a family, Tina Gibson said that being a mother to her two girls is “such a miracle.” The process was a “leap of faith” for her after a struggle with infertility.

Tina Gibson told NBC, “I was so scared to open up my heart to the potential of having a pregnancy, I was so scared it wouldn’t work. And then it would just be ripped away from me again.”

She also said that her experience made her more grateful for her children.

The clinic staff is “thrilled” for the Gibsons, National Embryo Donation Center President Dr. Jeffrey Keenan said.

“Embryo adoption is a fantastic option for so many couples,” Kennan said. “It’s an exceptionally successful and very cost-effective option, and it’s sometimes really the only option for couples where the mother can actually experience a pregnancy and the birth of a child.”
Emma’s birth is contributed to the oldest known embryo adaption according to the University of Tennessee Preston Medical Library.
The embryo has been frozen since 1992.
National Embryo Donation Center President Dr. Jeffrey Keenan told NBC that he expects this will be a relatively common story, 27 years from now, and that he expect even greater viability.
The center specializes in saving embryos from being destroyed by allowing families to donate a fertilized egg to others who may not be able to produce a healthy embryo.

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