Covid 19 Cases On The Rise During Fall 2020 in 38 States

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Covid 19 Cases On The Rise During Fall 2020 in 38 States

Covid 19 cases are on the rise again as Fall 2020 has arrived. Currently 38 states are on the radar fot the increase of cases.

In utah a health care system on the brinkΒ  with coronavirus hospitalizations at a record high

Late friday one of the largest hospitals in the state ran out of ICU beds. The crisis impacting patients withoutΒ  covid 19 cases.

Stephanie would experience the effect o the rise when her 47-year-old sister Lori’s heart suddenly stopped last Tuesday. She was rushed to a nearby hospital but they didn’t have the equipment to save her. It took two and a half hours to find her a specialized bed.

“I don’t know who was more scared the doctor or me. He looked desperate.”

Even though her sister had taken every precaution not to get the coronavirus, covid19 could still have cost her her life.

Β “I don’t believe people understand and there was not a facility that could take her that could provide the care that she needed.”

Because of covid hospitalizations hit new records in at least 15 states and cases are on the rise in at least 38. On Sunday Florida reported the highest daily number of cases in nearly two months surpassing 750 thousand and the cdc confirming that over the summer the virus was more deadly for minority communities with black and hispanic patients accounting for more deaths per capita.

Health officials say the latest wave is tied to the start of the school year this week.

According to reports a mississippi high school quarantined 600 students after a series of outbreaks in Utah. More than a dozen schools temporarily closed and moved to remote learning because of the virus. Yet outside Salt Lake City, friday night lights burnied bright. For Utah Covid 19 cases surged begining with 15 to 24 year olds and quickly spread to older more vulnerable populations. One person spoke out saying, “the risk of football is worth it for my son it is it’s basically what’s gotten him through this fall.”

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