Ghana’s First Police Woman Dies Aged 91

Ghana’s First Police Woman Dies Aged 91

Rosamond Asiamah Nkansah



The first woman to join  the Ghana Police Service, Rosamond Asiamah Nkansah, has passed away aged 91.

She was enlisted into the Service at a time it was known as the Gold Coast Police Force.

Madam Nkansah was born on January 13, 1930 and died on February 22, 2021.

She attended the Wesley Girls High School in Cape Coast and was a Senior Cambridge and Teacher’s Certificate ‘A’ holder.

At the age of 22 on September 1, 1952, she was enlisted into the Gold Coast Police Force.

Madam Nkansah was enlisted first together with 11 other women at a female Police Officers were not allowed to marry or get pregnant.

After serving for five years and nine months, Madam Nkansah decided to marry so she resigned, but thinking that women were not being fairly treated as their male counterparts who were allowed to marry and bear children, she decided to do something about it before leaving office.

Before her resignation on May 16, 1958, madam Nkansah petitioned the Police Administration and the clause was removed; thus allowing women in the service to marry and bear children and causing those who had resigned to start their families to be reinstated.

After her resignation, she taught at St. John’s Grammar School from 1961 to 1964 as a professional teacher because of the certification she had before being enlisted in the Gold Coast Police Service.

Madam Nkansah later joined Ghana Broadcasting Corporation in 1965, heading the School Broadcasting Programmes for a year.

She retired from active service in 1999 to primarily focus on writing books. She also translated words in her book titled: Octagon into foreign and local languages.

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