Iranian Americans View on Trump “Treating us like garbage”

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Iranian Americans View on Trump “Treating us like garbage”

As new sanctions arise Iranian Americans are speaking out on their feelings towards Trump, Jason Nazmiyal is one of them. Jason is a prominent Persian carpet dealer based in New York.

Nazmiyal has been in business for years navigating through Washington’s sanctions and export rules to sell his pricey antique rugs – woven works of art – all over the world. But now, he says the Trump administration has so tainted any dealings with Iran that once simple business tasks have taken on a senseless and disorienting quality.

On Thursday sanctions were unveiled by the U.S. Treasury Department targeting Iran’s financial sector. They could completely sever Iran’s economy from the outside world except in extremely limited circumstances. 18 more banks, were targeted effectively placing Iran’s entire financial sector off-limits and forcing it to rely even more on informal or illicit trade.

Iran’s Foreign Minister Mohammad Javad Zarif tweeted, “Amid Covid19 pandemic, U.S. regime wants to blow up our remaining channels to pay for food & medicine, Iranians WILL survive this latest of cruelties.”

Nazmiyal, 60, was recently blocked from purchasing a carpet that was already in the U.S. and had not been anywhere near Iranian soil for decades.

“This is the nonsense we have to deal with,” he said. “It’s becoming so difficult for us in the U.S. and also it’s hard to see how the sanctions harm Iran’s government, as opposed to its people,” said Nazmiyal, who left Iran for the U.S. in 1978, a year before the Islamic revolution.

I opposition Iranians who support Trump say, it’s going to normalize ties with Israel.

“It’s going to take away a lot of the regime’s power… because now the entire region will be against them,” says Afshine Ash Emrani, a 52-year-old cardiologist in California. “My hope is that it will be a stepping stone towards changing the regime in Iran” and making the government more friendly to both Israel and America.

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