Is Rihanna Too Much of A BadGal for ASAP Rocky or is this Her Real Love


Is Rihanna Too Much of A BadGal for ASAP Rocky or is this Her Real Love

Is Rihanna’s Badgal vibe a bit too much for ASAP Rocky to handle? Dailypop’s Justin Sylvester is saying Rihanna may break his heart.

Some are saying that ASAP Rocky should watch out because the Savage owner may break his heart.

Nevertheless, Badgal RiRi and ASAP Rocky have been long time friends and share much love for each other.

Many could tell the connection between the two back in August when ASAP Rocky interviewed Badgal RiRi with 15 questions about Fenty Beauty and more.

ASAP kept his composer, but the way he continuously smiled at Rihanna during the interview sent love vibes to the viewers.

Not to mention the jokes between the two 32 year old celebrities were thrown argumentatively flirtacious.

“My skin type is just as complicated as men are,” Rihanna said to longtime friend A$AP Rocky with a laugh, while Rocky jokingly described his own skin as simply “handsome.” In an honest conversation for Vogue, Rocky asked Rihanna a series of questions ranging from her own journey with skin care to what she wishes she could change about the beauty industry, and the Fenty Beauty founder didn’t hold back.

The couple have worked together for years. Back in 2013 ASAP Rocky was rapping about Rihanna in her feature video for “Fashion Killa” I can’t forget Escada, and that Balenciaga. I’m sippin’ purple syrup, come be my Aunt Jemima. And if you is a rider, we’ll go shoppin’ like mañana. Her attitude Rihanna, she get it from her mama.

Rihanna also featured ASAP Rocky in “Cockiness” Love It Remix.

Throughout the couples work and friendship history RiRi dated some bad boys including billionaire Hassan Jameel. Not to mention, her long time bad boy ex Chris Brown.

Clearly ASAP seems more like the nice guy compares to Rihanna’s previous.

Is this the love Rihanna needs or is it a temporary situation?

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