Kim Kardashian and Monica’s Message From C Murder Cases Family

C Murder

Kim Kardashian and Monica’s Message From C Murder Cases Family

Kim Kardashian and Monica Denise are standing up for rapper C Murder who was arrested in 2002 on murder charges. The two are saying they can prove that C Murder is innocent. The ladies teamed up to negotiate with   Donald Trump to free the New Orleans rapper, who used to date Monica.

While C Murder's celebrity friends are being heard on the issue, not many are talking about the victim in the homicide - a 16-year-old boy.

Multiple members of the 16-year-old victim's family have reached out to MTO News and asked to have their voices heard. They claim that C Murder is a killer who brutally murdered their family member - a teenage boy.

And they asked MTO News to objectively tell the story of what happened to the victim.

According to MTO,  Steve Thomas, who was 16-years-old at the time of his murder heard that C-Murder was performing a show near him in Harvey, Louisiana, and so he borrowed an older friend’s ID so he could get into the club to see his hero perform.

Steve told his parents he was going to a movie and headed to the Platinum Club with gold foil wrapped around his teeth — a fake “grill” to look cool.

When Steve got in, he saw his idol C Murder. The teenage boy was so excited that he tried to get close to C Murder to shake his hand and talk. Big mistake.

MTO news posted information taken from a  Medium article stating how the incident turned bad. According to the report, Thomas was beaten by about 15 people part of C Murder's entourage as he tried to get too close to the rapper. They also stated that C Murder hit the teen himself and then a shot rang out, accompanied by (according to some witnesses) a furious Miller shouting “Do you know who the f — - I am?”

Most of the attendees scattered after the gun was fired, and few who were around when the police arrived were willing to talk.

C Murder had previously been found guilty in an incident in Baton Rouge, where he shot at a club owner who refused to let him in with his firearm.

Miller was eventually found guilty of the crime, but the legal proceedings have been fraught with controversy. Kim Kardashian and Monica have brought up the fact that two years ago a key witness who originally claimed to see Miller shoot Thomas said in an affidavit that he lied during the testimony.

Monica opened up about "locking arms" with Kardashian West and "all those who believe in Corey and are ready to fight" after promising Miller she would "seek help" with his case.

There have been multiple accusations of witness intimidation on those who alleged to have seen C-Murder pull the trigger. On the other side, many believe the trial had been unfair to Miller because of the lack of physical evidence, and the fallibility of eyewitness accounts. Also, one juror has said she felt bullied by the court and fellow jurors to convict him against her judgement. Nonetheless, C-Murder has received a life sentence and has been incarcerated for over a decade. He continues to release music from prison and maintains his innocence.


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