Man Who Wounded 12 Year Old Hero Makayla Saulter Is Arrested

Makayla Saulter

Man Who Wounded 12 Year Old Hero Makayla Saulter Is Arrested

Makayla Saulter is recognized as a hero after taking a bullet to the head by a neighbor who had also shot and killed his wife.

Jason Michael Mesich — fatally shot his wife Angela Mesich before shooting Makayla, 12, and her sister Canisha Saulter, 29.

The two girls were reportedly helping their aunt load a moving truck at the time.

Makayla was holding Canisha’s infant daughter, Winter, when the teen was shot in the head while trying to run away from the gunman, according to Today, which reported that authorities found Makayla on the ground cradling the unharmed baby upon arrival to the scene.

Thankfully neither Canisha nor Makayla died. As of Thursday Canisha has been reported in serious condition and Makayla in critical condition. There is a GoFundMe out to support the heros.

According to KSTP,  the shooter told police that he was arguing with his wife before the shooting at their home on 15th Avenue South in Bloomington, according to court documents.

‘I’m assuming that I did shoot her,’ Jason Mesich said, and when asked how many times he shot his wife, he replied, ‘I probably emptied it…’ according to court filings.

Makayla was critically injured when shot in the head, but was able to squeeze her mother’s hand recently, according to the family.

Canisha was shot three times in her legs and will need to undergo rehabilitation for her injuries, including learning how to walk again.

When he was asked about the sisters, Mesich said that they weren’t “good neighbors,” and that he “hated all children,” According to Black News Zone.

They also reported that, According to authorities, police then engaged in a standoff with 48-year-old Mesich, who fired 40 rounds at the officers before he was taken into custody. Before he surrendered, Mesich was in the basement of the home yelling and throwing objects, police say. Yet another identification of injustice in police handlings for many.

As for the hero, 12 year old Makayla Saulter was spoke highly of by her aunt, calling her a hero, and other family members referring to her as a fighter.



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