Meet 67 Year Old Hot Vegan Chef Babbette Davis – Money Moves

Meet 67 Year Old Hot Vegan Chef Babbette Davis – Money Moves

Babbette Davis makes vegan look like life goals, as a Celebrity chef she has won our eyes with the food and the timeless looks.

Davis didn’t achieve her striking health by chance but by lifestyle. In 2017 she spoke out about her achievement. Saying, the way she looks is how anyone her age should look.

“We’re not supposed to be sick, we’re not supposed to be taking 15 different meds, that is not the quality of life meant for us,” Davis said. “People my age, you’ve got to move,” she added.

Babbette Davis adapted her vegan lifestyle in 1990.  “I decided, I’m going to learn how to prepare food without the use of a lot of fat and animal products, refined sugar, dyes, preservatives – I want to be able to prepare the kind of food that I grew up with, without all that extra stuff. So at that point, I pretty much got in the kitchen and stayed,” Davis said.

Her change in lifestyle dubbed her as the “The Chemist in the Kitchen”.

“There are people that are challenged with two and three and four-hundred pounds, and all they’re doing is eating food out of a box, somebody’s manufactured, somebody’s processed in a laboratory, that’s not the way we used to eat,” Davis said. “We’re very hooked on what tastes good, we used to go to the garden and pick fresh fruits,” she continued.

Davis also dropped some biological knowledge, declaring her belief in a “species based” diet. “Even though we’re of the human species, we’re still just one of over 800 million species, so I believe that there is a specific diet for every species on this planet,” Davis professed. “I believe that healing, the diet for us, includes the intake of a lot of life and we eat way too much death.”

“We are weaned from our mother’s breasts as we grow teeth and are able to tear and chew, but we still want to drink the milk of another species. The milk that we drink most of the time is the milk that fills the udder of this huge cow for its babies,” she said.

“We throw the baby away and we impregnate the cow to take its milk. We don’t digest it well, we wind up with eczema, like I had, we wind up with asthma like I had, we’re filled with mucus and inflammation,” Davis continued.

“Yes I’m opinionated about it and I’m a proud vegan and I’d like to scream it in the mountaintop, but I am only one of us,” she said. “Once people transition because they understand the necessity to transition, then it works,” she added.

“It’s so amazing to be able to walk this walk and walk it upright and feel good, and we are able to do that. We have everything we need to be able to do that. Get on a journey that’s going to help you grow and give, instead of take,” she said.

Babbette Davis is not only walking upright but she is making upward moves in health and money moves. Davis is a vegan chef extraordinaire, animal activist and owner of the Stuff I Eat restaurant located in the heart of Inglewood. Her restaurant has a 5 out of 5 review and raving compliments.

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