Ne Ne Leakes talks about Leaving RHOA with The Real Daytime

Ne Ne Leakes

Ne Ne Leakes talks about Leaving RHOA with The Real Daytime

Ne Ne Leakes sat down with The Real Daytime.

Adrienne Houghton: everyone obviously was so sad to hear the news that you were leaving the Real Housewives of Atlanta. You’ve been a mainstay on the show since 2008. So what does the next chapter of your life look like?

Ne Ne Leakes: Um, I hope he looks up. No, but I am an entrepreneur. You know, I really love being an entrepreneur. So I am hoping that my entrepreneur life really takes off, and I want to continue to do television.

Garcelle Beauvais: Mimi, how do you think you’ve evolved over the course of your run on the show?

Ne Ne Leakes: Well, I’ve been involved. I’ve evolved in a lot of ways. As a mother, a za friend, as a wife. Um, I’ve just learned so much. I’ve been doing reality TV for so long. I’ve learned a lot of patients. Um, I’ve just My life has just changed a lot. And sometimes, you know, I was just talking to this with my glam crew. Sometimes people are, um e don’t know. They say you changed, and I think it’s a good thing to grow up and change.

Lonnie Love: Do you think you outgrew the real Housewives of Atlanta? That’s why you left Nini.

Ne Ne Leakes: Um, I definitely outgrew a lot of the situations that were happening. Um, but by no means was real housewives a horrible thing for me. It really opened up a lot of doors opportunity for me. And, um, you know, doing reality TV is bittersweet. And it was bittersweet for me.

Lonnie Love: Well, you know what? You have grown, though. As a businesswoman, you just got back from Las Vegas hosting your Ladies of Success Week. What led you to start the organization, NeNe?

Ne Ne Leakes: Yeah. You know, I love ladies of success. A Zai was saying earlier. It’s for entrepreneur women. Um, you know, I wanna be the little, many Magic Johnson, you know, n b A. And he was really killed. He kills it in the entrepreneur world. So ladies of success is for women who are entrepreneurs and who want to be in a circle of women that are like minded and then like to do some of the things that they like to do and invest in business and level up together. I love the organization, By the way, These women are from around the world. I love them.

Eboni Williams: That’s good, is amazing. That’s so dope. So needy. Speaking of growth, and leveling up. If you give your younger self a word of advice, what would you say?

Ne Ne Leakes: I think have more patients. I really didn’t have a lot of patients. Uh, when I first got into television, I wanted everything to happen overnight, and I think everybody has a time. There’s a time for you in your career. I just would have had more patients. I also would have probably started my career a lot sooner. I feel like I kind of started a little late. I was a sleeper. Um, but I would have started a lot sooner.

Adrienne Houghton: Well, you did a phenomenal job, even starting, starting with thinking this lady has just been killing it.

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