Priyanka Chopra Jonas From Tom Boy to Hottest Woman and still Unfinished

Priyanka Chopra Jonas

Priyanka Chopra Jonas From Tom Boy to Hottest Woman and still Unfinished

Priyanka Chopra Jonas, the former tom boy to most beautiful woman says she is still Unfinished. Speaking on her new memoire Priyanka wrote  “Ironically, I named this memoir years before I started writing it. Having been a public person now for 20 years, with so much life to live and a long list of things to check off my list personally and professionally, I am very much #Unfinished. BUT the funny thing about writing a memoir is that it forces you to look at things differently, reconciling so many things you thought you had put to bed. In doing so I’ve realized that being “unfinished” has deeper meaning for me, and has in fact been one of the most common threads of my life.”



The book Takes Readers From Priyanka’s Childhood In India, wher she was raised ny her grandparents who were army doctors, to her life in boarding school, and then living in the United States as a teenager.

Chopra Jonas even attended the 10th grade in Boston, where she said she was bullied.

“It broke my spirit,” she told Glamour. “It made me question who I was. Why was it so uncool being Indian?”

She then moved back to India and her mother recalled Chopra Jonas transforming from a “carefree tomboy” into a “gorgeous female.”

Her beauty transformation led her father to placing bars on windows to keep her away from the boys.

Through her evolution of life Priyanka landed her first Bollywood movie in 2003 and has starred in over 50 movies.

According to Priyanka the memoire will bring readers closer to her life journey.

“you’ll definitely learn about how I became me during the “in between” of what you haven’t seen, I also hope you’ll walk away with the confidence of knowinug that IT’S OK to pick up, walk away, leave things unfinished, and move on to what’s next if that’s what your journey requires to get to the next destination. We all have a different story to tell, this is my story, and I am.”



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