Quest Love May Have Brought Halle Berry The Wrong Snacks

Halle Berry Jimmy Kimmel Screenshot

Quest Love May Have Brought Halle Berry The Wrong Snacks

Halle Berry coudn’t let go of the offer from Quest Love, bringing her snacks. A while ago Halle Berry spoke out about offer to Jimmy Fallon.

“I notice that you’re back on social media now. You’re doing Instagram and Twitter. ‘Cause you were off for a little while. And then you\’re like, “Eh, why not? Just do it. It\’s fun.” -It is fun. And I realize, if we want to stay a part of the conversation, then you got to be a part of it. And it’s such a great way to have a different expression of who you really are. Not letting somebody else editorialize who they want to say you are, but you get to be who you really are, and that’s really fun. [ Cheers and applause ] [ Laughs ] -This is — -That’s who I really am. -Let me tell you something. You really are something. This is a picture of you, and it says, “Me when someone says, \’I\’m coming over, and I\’ve got snacks.\'” This is what they got, and you go, “Hello!” [ Cheers and applause ] -That’s how I’m always waiting for people. -Yes, of course, with your arms wide-open. -You got the Lay’s chips. Let’s go. -No, I got it, I got it, yeah. -[ Laughs ] -Well, that was a very popular photo on Instagram because of the caption, probably. [ Laughter ] But also… Uh, actually, someone actually answered to that photo. Oh, this is from Questlove. It says, “Halle Berry, I\’ll come over. I\’ve got snacks.” [ Laughter ] -I said that? -[ Laughing ] Yeah, you did. [ Laughter ] Ah, ah, you’re busted. -Do it again. Tell me again. -Quest. -Oh, I did write that. -Yeah, you did write that, yeah. -Wait. Whoa, wait, Quest, Quest. -He — Yeah. -I’ve been waiting for you, man. [ Audience whoops ] -No, wait. No, no, hey, don’t — Not now, not now, not now. We’re with Halle right now. -If somebody says they’re showing up with snacks, damn it, you’re supposed to show up with the snacks. -He’ll bring snacks. -Bring snacks.”

As he did. Backstage Halle Berry was gifted a handful of snacks including Snickes and Kit Kat bars. Lately, Quest Love has been sharing a ton oif Oreo posts that made us realize there have been more options in Oreo’s than in a bag of Skittles. Maybe some of these Oreo’s were the good snacks that he has yet to share with Halle Berry.

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