Rihanna’s Shoe Line With Amina Muaddi will be The Hottest Shoes in 2020

amina muaddi and Rihanna

Rihanna’s Shoe Line With Amina Muaddi will be The Hottest Shoes in 2020

Rihanna’s shoe game is about to set some feet on fire. According to, The Guardian it will be the hottest shoe line of 2020. Rihanna will be collaborating with high demand shoe expert Amina Muaddi. Jordanian-Romanian launched Amina Muaddi which is Louboutin rebooted for the 21st century. Not to mention the company is a “100% ethnic-minority female-owned luxury company”.

Rihanna and Muaddi were brought together by a common fashion expert, Jahleel Weaver. Weaver and Rihanna ran into each other twice and each time their conversations were deeply into the shoe game. Rihanna noticed Weaver’s shoes in their second run in 2011, on the set of Good Morning America. “So this was, like, 4am, and she complimented me on my shoes,” remembers Weaver. “They were Raf [Simons] for Jil Sander brogues, black with neon-pink soles. One of my favourite pairs of shoes of all time.”

This ethnic dynamic duo for shoe game is definitely about to be lit. Both woman have broken racial stigmas in the fashion Industry and have a great reputation for dangerous intelligence. Amina Muaddi owns the second most-wanted accessory in the world for the last quarter of 2019 by global fashion search engine Lyst.

Muaddi spoke out about Rihanna saying, “very warm and very sassy,” says Muaddi. “If I design a shoe, I want Rihanna to want to wear it.” Both women share a taste for punchy, graphic looks in which masculine elements – shoulder pads, oversized sweatshirts, leather – are offset by teeteringly high, precious-looking heels. Muaddi often wears trainers in the daytime – “classic Nike, or Yeezy, probably with an elegant pant” – but “a sneaker isn’t a dancing shoe, to me. I never, ever wear flats at night. Heels have a kind of magic, like a superwoman suit.”

This is Rihanna’s second launch for shoes. Remember the Puma collection, . There’s no doubt that this new show game will not be a hot buy for 2020, especially since RiRi sales out on everything she does. These two women are making money moves.

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