Sasha Obama Defended by the Obamanators over Sasha Obama’s Tik Tok

Sasha Obama's Tik Tok

Sasha Obama Defended by the Obamanators over Sasha Obama’s Tik Tok

Sasha Obama’s tik tok is causing a war. It was recently reported that is Sasha Obama would become a Tik Tok influencer she could be well over 8 million dollars a year.

Joe Gagliese of Viral Nation reported, Sasha would be an overnight success story if she joined the popular social platform … and could reach 10 million followers in a year easily if she posted content consistently.
He also says he could see her making $5-8 MILLION per year — just off endorsements — if she signed on with his agency, but they haven’t tried to recruit her … yet.
Joe says they’d be stupid not to try to get her as a client though, because she presents herself in a very “brand-friendly” and classy way … which he says leads to better business deals. To top it off … Gagliese believes the youngest Obama clearly has a lot of talent.Even though Sasha Obama’s Tik Tok is used for fun currently, she is still causing all the rave. She may as well get paid for the amount of haters she is receiving.


If Sasha Obama’s Tik Tok didn’t stir up some hating, a glamarous photo of what looks like Sasha did, and that is where the Obamanators came through.

Gameshow host of The Misery Index and Comedian Jameela Jamil defended Sasha Obama who was allegedly posted up in a multicolor bikini outfit with a wrap around and also posted in a halter and jeans.

The Misery index host, declaring in her own words how miserable Sasha Obama’s haters are.

“Oh shut up about Sasha Obama, she’s young, free and harming nobody. Stop acting like it’s the President of The United States doing this.

“Which even if they did would still hurt nobody. She looks happy and she deserves to grow up expressing herself and having fun.”

All we can say is what was she going to wear to the beach 🤷🏽‍♀️?



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