Second Stimulus Check Calendar Dates For Payment

Second Stimulus Check Calendar Dates For Payment

Second Stimulus checks may come sooner than later. If the everything goes good this Monday you could expect payments by mid September.

Stimulus Check Calendar

But, what could cause a delay you ask?

According to Cnet, Washington lawmakers are willing to provide new direct payments for eligible Americans, but have yet to agree on the final details of the next stimulus package . Four new executive orders and memoranda had been signed by President Donald Trump and are competing for attention on Capitol Hill. However, Trump had not included stimulus details in memoranda.

From previous talks both Democrats and Republicans had been voting positively for stimulus payments. Talks are set to resume on Monday between parties, and another stimulus package is passed and signed into law, Treasury Secretary Steven Mnuchin has said he’s ready to start printing stimulus checks within a week. That would be quicker than the 19 days it took for the first stimulus check to go out after the CARES Act became law in March.

But this all hinges on a deal being signed. If a final relief package materializes, here’s when we think the next round of direct payments could go out, and who might receive priority. This story updates frequently.


Several scenarios that could play out. With no agreement reached on Friday, Aug. 7, the House and Senate have extended the length of their current session. with an eye toward the two sides reaching an agreement in the coming days.

When and if the new proposal does pass, Mnuchin’s promise of sending the first checks a week later gives us a new timeline to work from in forecasting when the first Americans could get their checks. For reference, we also include the dates followed by the now expired CARES Act, which passed in March to help counter the economic affects of the coronavirus pandemic.



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