SZA Hit Different after Deleted Tweets Of Hostility and New Good Vibes


SZA Hit Different after Deleted Tweets Of Hostility and New Good Vibes

 SZA hit different earlier this this year letying fans know that she would be releasing new music — and when her Trolls World Tour collab with Justin Timberlake dropped tright after, fans were hoping there was plenty more where that came from.

According to MTV, previous (deleted) tweets of SZA characterizing the relationship between her and TDE label president Punch was labeled as  “hostile.” Nevertheless, SZA still emerged with new music featuring Ty Dolla $ign, and produced by The Neptunes  the song is called “Hit Different.”

While “The Other Side” stayed firmly in the pop realm, “Hit Different” is patented SZA R&B, undulating and seemingly with its own gravitational pull. Over a bass-heavy beat courtesy of Pharrell and Chad Hugo, SZA unspools her worries about someone who’s become all but a devastating force in her life. “Can’t trust decision when you near me / Get myself caught in your crossfire,” she sings.

The remarkably visionary video, directed by SZA herself, finds the singer in a multitude of disparate locales: in the ruinous world of a junkyard, atop a stack of hay bales in a billowy tee, swimming in a pool, and also nude and seemingly covered in blood inside a barn and in a field. By the end, both the tune and the visuals move on to another element that just may tie in both worlds of ruined metal and organic nature.

Just after the song and video went live, SZA took to Instagram to share an additional sound clip. “Punch gon kill me but I’m in a sharing mood,” she wrote.

Lose yourself in SZA’s new world above.

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