The Mariah Carey Tell All Book Will Make Eminem Tell Some Truths

Mariah Carey dressed as Eminem

The Mariah Carey Tell All Book Will Make Eminem Tell Some Truths

Mariah Carey revealed some things in her last memoir album, “Memoirs of an Imperfect Angel” but now she is diving deeper and releasing an actual Memoir book on September 26th called “The Meaning of Mariah Carey”.

The book will dive into her life without tiptoeing around her relationship issues including the one with Eminem.

According to reports, Eminem may be a little nervous about the tell all since the two have had a spiraled conflict on what the meaning of the entanglement truly was.

Unfortunately, after their break up Eminem released a song known to be about Mariah Carey titled, “Superman”. In the song the lyrics made statements like, “I’m single now, got no ring on this finger now
I’ll never let another chick bring me down
In a relationship, save it bitch
Babysit, you make me sick
Superman ain’t savin’ shit.”

Mariah Carey shot back at the rapper with the song “Obsessed” which clearly is about Eminem as she went to the extent to dress up like him in the video. May we say that was hit and maybe a lesson to never come for Mariah because she will come back for you, and you don’t want that smoke.

Eminem is now 50 years old, Mariah Carey recently celebrated another anniversary of turning eternally 12 and the juvenile pettiness may come out in the book that 50 year old Eminem may not be ready for but is old enough to realize that the truth needs to be unveiled.

Seemingly the book will also revealed information about her living in “Sing Sing” with Tommy Mottola. Mariah Carey has been opening the vault of recordings as well from her first released album by Columbia records.

Just know this tell all will be better than watching “Mariah’s World” and maybe we will get to know what really happened with Stella, who in our opinion never should of been on Mariah’s team anyway.

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