Two More Female Presidents One is Kim versus Kanye

Two More Female Presidents One is Kim versus Kanye

We need more female Presidents. The way Kamala Harris showed the world the power of the female there are now no excuses.

Secretly, Kim Kardashian West may a candidate among the female Presidents. Kanye, didn't fully get his foot into campaigning for office and when he did there was a break down. Nevertheless, Kim has been completely active during Trumps presidency. She even used her star power to free people from jail and offer transportation aid to former inmates.

Not only did she help change laws she practicing it regularly by earning her law degree.

Funny side to this is that Kanye is saying that he will try again in 2024. Kim may not become President but she may be considered for Vice Presidency alongside her husband.

Kim and Kanye aren't the only Celebrity couple rumored for a spot in the White House.

Rumor has it Meghan Markle may be considering being among one of the female Presidents.

According to Geo, royal expert Katie Nicholl believes that the Duchess of Sussex may take a shot at the White House.


She reportedly revealed: "I’ve had very reliable information that when Meghan and Harry were negotiating whether to have a pre-nup, she was reluctant to give up her American citizenship, as that would mean giving up ambitions for the White House."


She was reported to have said: "There’s a strong possibility she could run for office – this is a woman who wants to lobby, who wants to make real change and who isn’t afraid of taking risks. Her team have said she’s not seeking a political career, but her political ambitions are no secret among her friends. I’ve heard the White House has been her ultimate goal.”

The claim has been rejected by Meghan Markle's staff but we will just have to wait and see.



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