Why is Dr. Dre’s Wife Needing 2 Million in Spousal Support

Dr. Dre's Wife

Why is Dr. Dre’s Wife Needing 2 Million in Spousal Support

Dr. Dre’s wife is letting the people know why her request for 2 million for spousal support is reasonable and legit. Let’s start by saying Andre is worth 800 million and has already agreed to providing spousal support to his soon to be ex wife Nicole Young.

The couple have been married since 1996 and according to Dr. Dre’s legal restraints from the prenub Dr. Dre’s wife is not entitled to any other materials other than spousal support. Although this is not Nicole’s first marriage, her and Andre were married at a very young age for her. She was 23 years old and Andre was 30 years old.

As separation of the marriage takes place Dr. Dre’s wife has factored in her regular lifestyle as well as the needs for the children. They have two children together, one who attends USC. According to TMZ, a break down of her list includes,

Laundry and cleaning $10,000 a month

Clothes $135,000 a month

Education (tuition and living expenses) $60,000 a month

Entertainment $900,000 a month

Charitable contributions $125,000 a month

Mortgage. $100,000 a month

Telephone, cell phone, e-mail $20,000 a month

In all, she says she actually has a monthly nut of $2,530,000

Reports confirm that Dre say he’s covering all her expenses, including the Malibu house where Nicole is staying, chefs, security, etc.

In addition, Dr. Dre’s wife is also stating that her divorce is related to incidents of Andre’s behavior.

In her docs, Nicole goes into detail about the prenup she signed, using the “gun-to-the-head” metaphor just before their wedding. She also says Dre ripped it up several years into the marriage, although he denies it. At stake — as much as a billion dollars.

Nicole says things really fell apart April 1st, claiming Dre was intoxicated at their West L.A. home when he started yelling at her, “F*** you. F*** you. Get the f*** out. Get the f*** out. Go to Malibu.”

According to TMZ, She claims at one point he ordered … “Do not spend one more cent … period. You can’t be mean and disrespectful and spend my hard-earned money. F*** that!!! Yes that’s a threat … I’m putting the beach house up for sale next week …”

Nicole also claims Dre is furious at her that her lawyers are trying to dig into his personal finances, threatening “war” if she persists.

She also claims she became alarmed when he had his brother-in-law come to the Malibu home to pick up his Glock. She says she feared Dre and wouldn’t turn it over because she says Dre had a “history of violence and coercive control, both before and during the marriage.” She does not elaborate, but does mention texts messages from Dre after they separated. In one, he said, “Why are you ignoring me? Why are you ignoring me … should I come see you?” She says the text was “frightening” and instilled fear in her.

Love B Scott states that Nicole is also asking for $5 million to cover her attorney’s fees.

We’re not into counting anyone’s coins, but $900,000 a month on entertainment? Sheesh.

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