Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill Save The Day Is Out Now With Reviews

Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill

Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill Save The Day Is Out Now With Reviews

Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill Collab is out now and reviews are flying. We will start by saying the song takes us back to to 90’s with good vibes. These were the days when music flared doped beats, harmonization, and a stance for change. Lauryn Hill is just one of those artist who can hit a number 1 single and place knowledge into your head. Mariah Carey has been the Queen of making music that will inspire you to persevere in whatever you are going through. Needless, to say this is needed for 2020.

Not to mention if we could remember this may not be the first collab with Mariah Carey and Lauryn Hill. When Whitney Houston released “Your Love Is My Love” the song ” I Was Made To Love Him” never mentioned Mariah and Lauryn on the album but if you listen closely their vocals can be heard.

Billboard also had much to say about the collab.

Saving any given day in 2020 is a tall order, but if you combine the powers of Mariah Carey and Ms. Lauryn Hill, you’re off to a strong start.

This New Music Friday (Aug. 21) sees the release of “Save the Day,” a new track from Mariah Carey featuring Ms. Lauryn Hill. “Save the Day” is the first release from Mimi’s double-disc archival deep dive The Rarities (Oct. 2), which comes hot on the heels of her memoir The Meaning of Mariah Carey (out Sept. 29).

With heartfelt, affecting vocals delivering a timely message (“We’re in this together”; “it’s curious, the fear still holding us down”), a few classic Mariah high notes and a sick beat drop courtesy Jermaine Dupri that accompanies the entrance of Ms. Lauryn Hill’s voice (sampled from the Fugees’ Grammy-winning “Killing Me Softly With His Song”), “Save the Day” is pure MC goodness.

All we can say is it will make you want to listen to this song feeling cool as ever rolling down the streets with your windows down, or sip on some wine having a chill back at home. This is pure good news music with great lyrics and a feel good vibe.

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